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AHD High Speed Dome
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Analogue High Speed Dome
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● Built in OSD Menu (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portguesse tec.

● With Embedded operation system, support On-line editing the dome information like dome   

title. Password protected menu

● Low temperature protection when running the equipment. The PTZ warms up the equipment at low temperature (-15 degree) and power the camera only when the temperature becomes normal working degree inside the high speed dome

● Supports hot plug

● Shows direction (north/south/west/east) when panning/tilting

● 8 display areas with titles can be edited and shown, and supports auto scan within the display area

● Upgraded home position function. It the camera is not controlled for a specified,it would call preset,run auto tour, pattern tour, auto scan or show display areas automatically

Proportional Pan/tilt

● 255 presets with title,8 auto scan, 8 preset tours, 8 pattern tours, 8 alarm inputs and 4 alarm outputs.

● With real-time clock and scheduled function (Color to B/W, Patrol, Pattern and Scan etc)

● Auto memory function: if the power is off, the camera can continue the operation and go back to the pervious position after the power is on againFull functional OSD menu, setting and calling presets, auto tour, pattern tour and audo scan etc

● IP66, TVS3000V lightning proof and surge proof module

● Supports RS485/RS422, AD Manchester, Philips Bi-Phase and Pelco Coaxitron

● Support Pelco-C, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, AD, Vicon, VCL, Molynx, Diamond, Kalatel, Philipsetc.

● Supports different zoom modules SONY,Hitachi, Sanyo, Samsung, CNB and LG etc.

Preset Speed 320 °
Preset Accuracy ±0.08º
Pan rotation range 360 ° continuous rotation
Tilt rotation range 0 ~ 90 ° with auto-flip 
Manual Pan speed 0.08° ~ 180°/ s 
Manual Tilt speed 0.08° ~ 150°/ s 
Preset position 255 prets with titles and time
Auto scan 355°, 8 auto scans
Preset tour 8, each supports 32 presets
Pattern tour 8, each not less than 180 secs
Time schedule B/w to color; preset, Auto scan, preset tour,pattern tour 
Compass north/south/west/east
On screen display English/French/German/ Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portguesse and Chinese
Camera title On/Off ( max.40 characters in one line)
Digital flip On/off
Alarm 8 inputs and 4 outputs
Supporting Camera Modules SONY, Hitachi, Sanyo, Samsung, CNB and LG etc
Baud rate (RS485) 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps
ID range  1255
Communication interface  RS485/RS422, AD Manchester, Philips Bi-Phase and Pelco Coaxitron
Protocol Pelco-C, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, AD, Vicon, VCL, Molynx, Diamond, Kalatel, Philips etc
Degree of Protection  TVS3000V lightning proof, Surge-proof 
Power Supply AC24V±20%
Power consumption (W)  10W (Indoor) and 50W (Outdoor)
Operation Temperature  +50° (Indoor)     -40℃~65℃(Outdoor)
Environmental Humidity  0 ~ 95 (non-condensing) 
Dimensions  455*415*270
Net weight  6.5kg (With module)
Installation mode Wall mount, Pendant ,Corner mount, Pole mount
Accessaries Wall mount bracket(for SE-SSWO-xx), 24VAC power supply,Manual, terminals


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